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Spirometry services offered in Lakewood and Highlands Ranch, CO

If your child regularly experiences breathing difficulties, spirometry can identify the underlying cause and help guide treatment. At Academy Park Pediatrics, the team of experienced pediatricians offers spirometry to children and teens. To make a lung function testing appointment for your child in Lakewood or Highlands Ranch, Colorado, call the nearest office, or request a visit online today.

Spirometry Q & A

What is spirometry?

Spirometry is a noninvasive test that measures your child’s lung function. Specifically, spirometry measures three things –– how much air your child can inhale, how much air your child can exhale, and how quickly your child exhales air from their lungs. 

What conditions can spirometry help diagnose?

At Academy Park Pediatrics, the team uses spirometry to diagnose various conditions that affect the lungs, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, and lung scarring (pulmonary fibrosis).

If your child regularly has difficulty breathing or they cough and experience chest pain, make an appointment at Academy Park Pediatrics right away.

How do I prepare my child for spirometry?

Spirometry doesn’t require much preparation in advance. That said, to ensure accurate results, make sure your child doesn’t eat a big meal beforehand. It’s also important your child wears loose-fitting, comfortable clothes.

In addition, If your child takes any prescription medication, their provider might ask them to avoid taking it on the day of the test. A spirometry test takes about 15 minutes. Once your child finishes, they can return to school and do other activities right away.

How does a spirometry test work?

During a spirometry test, your child sits up straight in a chair. Then, their provider at Academy Park Pediatrics places a clip over their nose, closing both nostrils. 

Next, your child’s pediatrician asks them to take a deep breath and blow as quickly and as hard as they can into a tube. The tube connects to a monitor that measures how much air your child breathes out and the speed at which they exhale.  

Your child’s pediatrician has them repeat these same steps at least three times to ensure accurate results. After gathering the necessary information, your child’s provider analyzes the results and makes a diagnosis.

Is spirometry safe?

Spirometry is safe and entirely pain-free. After the test, your child might feel lightheaded or a little tired, but these symptoms should subside quickly. What’s more, spirometry can determine the severity of your child’s asthma and help determine the best course of treatment. 

What if spirometry confirms that my child has asthma?

If spirometry confirms your child has asthma or another chronic respiratory condition, the team at Academy Park Pediatrics can make recommendations for treatment. Often, that includes a combination of prescription medication, healthy lifestyle changes, and regular checkups.

Don’t wait to make a spirometry appointment for your child at Academy Park Pediatrics. Call the nearest office, or request a visit online today.