What to Consider When Choosing Your Teen’s Birth Control Method

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Teen’s Birth Control Method

Whether you suspect your teenage daughter is sexually active or not, you may wish to protect her from an unwanted pregnancy by getting her on birth control. But what type of birth control is best for your teen? The following guide helps you decide.

Although teen births have declined in the United States over the last few decades, and even though 90% of sexually active teens claim to have used birth control during their last sexual encounter, about 273,000 babies are born to teenagers every year. Pregnancy as a teen affects your child’s future, whether they decide to continue the pregnancy or not.

As protection against an unwanted birth or abortion, you may wish to obtain birth control for your teenager. However, the best type of birth control depends on your daughter’s unique situation, personality, and needs.

At Academy Park Pediatrics, PC — with offices in Lakewood and Highlands Ranch, Colorado — our expert pediatricians help you explore contraceptive options for your teen. We also advise you on how to broach what may be a sensitive subject with your daughter, if needed.

We’ve prepared the following guide to help you narrow down your teen’s birth control choices. All teens — both male and female — should have access to condoms for protection from sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STIs and STDs).

Is your teen currently sexually active?

If your teenager is currently having sexual intercourse, she needs immediate birth control. Unprotected sex and lack of contraception can lead to pregnancy, STDs, or both.

A sexually active teenage girl needs her partner to use condoms during every act of intercourse. Using models, we show her how to apply male or female condoms to keep her safe from STDs. 

Even with perfect use, condoms are only 87% effective against pregnancy. Your teen must use another contraceptive method in addition to condoms to avoid pregnancy.

Does your teen have heavy, painful periods?

If your daughter has painful cramps and bloating, bad acne breakouts, or heavy bleeding, she may have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Hormonal birth control methods can help regulate her period, clear up her skin, and also protect her from pregnancy.